{ read }

Reading is the best way to plunge into the world of new impressions and learn something new just by looking into a book. For some people it's no more than a way of making time pass, but that's only one point of view. If you think about all the things you can do without departing from the book, reading could seem like an interesting hobby. You can travel through time into the ancient world or in the future - as you like, experience new emotions with your favorite characters and read thoughts and ideas of people that were living centuries before you. And all you have to do in order to gain knowledge, improve your memory, learn some new and useful information is - just open a book. No one should ever have the power to prevent people having access to written words or restrain people to learn reading those written words.


{ write }

Writing isn't just a hobby or a way of making money, you don't have to be a writer in order to express your thoughts. It's a way of cognizing yourself and your inner world and following the changes in your way of thinking. By keeping a diary you get an opportunity to look at yourself from the outside. You can keep your valuable experience, ideas and wisdom to yourself, or share it with others. For some people writing is just a part of their life, but for others it is their whole life. There were times when talented artists were forbidden to write, they fought for freedom of speech and truth, that someone didn't like. But in our times we have freedom to write what we really think without adjusting to someone.


{ see }

Life is about seeing the world in all its beautiful and enjoyable colors and ignoring the unpleasant ones. We are all different and we all see the world through our own glasses - don't let anyone take them away from you. The way you see this world decides a lot. One can choose only good moments and avoid the bad ones, or other way around, look at reality without rose-colored glasses and be inspired by everything they see. Your mood, inspiration, even your feelings - they depend only on you and your outlook.

{ hear }

Almost every human being has the opportunity to hear. People can't take it away from you, but they can hide the truth or lye to you. Usually this is done for the sake of their own interests, but even though truth is not always as sweet as we want it to be, everyone has the right to hear it.


{ speak }

Nobody should stop you from talking. We were born to express our feelings, say what we really think and explain our point of view. Your thoughts and ideas - that's what makes you special. Nobody sees the world like you do and the best thing about it is that you can share your look at the world with others. What would we do without all the good words and compliments from people we love and admire? Not much. Without speaking we would turn into boring and alike people with no differences.